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​I could not be happier with my organizing experience with Amie!  I was completely amazed at how she able to make such a huge impact in our home in just 8 short hours.  She had great suggestions for reworking my spaces to create more functionality and storage. She also helped to re-focus and encourage me when I was feeling stuck or overwhelmed.   The organizing systems she helped to create have really made my life much less chaotic and way more organized. I can't wait to work with her again!"​

​                                                                             -Sarah, Cary

“For years I’ve felt overwhelmed with 'stuff' and quite frankly I was embarrassed of my inability to control it. Amie came in and worked with me at a pace I couldn’t believe. We did in 3 hours what I couldn't accomplish by myself after years of trying. I can't believe how much she taught me about organization in that short time. We even had fun laughing at some of the items I was holding on to and organizing the things I value. I can't tell you how much this has changed my life. I feel lightness and clarity and have more time to enjoy my life. My children now also use the skills I've learned from Amie.  I can see that they feel empowered and truly enjoy caring for their things. I'm proud and relieved that they are learning this at an early age. I plan on hiring Amie whenever I need to remove chaos and add quality to my life.”

-Kristan, Youngsville

"After feeling overwhelmed for decades, our daughter suggested we speak with Amie about our garage.  Her top notch organizational skills and no nonsense approach allowed us to complete the garage in record time.  Now it's on to the attic and who knows what's next!   Thank you, Amie for the freedom and peace of mind!"

​                             -Ellen, Raleigh

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​They say you should do what you love. . .it just so happens that Amie loves doing something that so many people find daunting, and often times, even dreadful . . .organizing!  

Amie has been an organizer since she was a little girl.  Growing up, Amie was always searching for ways to make tasks, projects, and systems more efficient.  With an eye for design, she knows how to create real life solutions that function well and look beautiful without breaking the bank.

​She truly believes that LESS ALWAYS MEANS MORE.  When we take the time to deliberately choose what fills our lives, homes, and time we are able to be more efficient and spend our energy on things we love.



Amie Garcia

​Founder & Organizing Specialist

Satisfied Customers

Amie began her career in professional development and taught fifth grade for several years before founding Sorted Professional Organizing.  After leaving teaching to raise her daughter, she found herself helping friends and family clear out their clutter and re-energize their spaces. It was then that she knew it was time to put her skills as an organizer to work. 

Amie has B.A. in Sociology & Women's Studies from James Madison University and a Masters in Elementary Education from East Carolina University.  Amie is an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), currently serving as the chapter Librarian.