Business and ​Home Organization


  • ​organized, arranged, fixed up
  • (of a person) confident, organized, and emotionally well balanced.
  • ​to separate from others
  • to bring or restore to health or good condition

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please contact Amie Garcia

@ phone: 540.435.1130

Welcome to Sorted professional organizing.

We are excited to help you clean up, clear out, and make room for life.

Sorted is a Raleigh, NC based company dedicated to providing quality, customized solutions that create peace and encourage efficiency in

the lives of our clients.  We can help with just about any area of the home, big or small, and show you how to maximize your space and time.

Whether your space needs a full overhaul or you just need some tips of the trade to help you achieve your goals, Sorted is here to help, letting you focus more on the things you love.

Sorted's goal is to make your life a little easier. We’ll not only help you get rid of the clutter today, but also put simple organizing systems in place to reduce the possibility of a cluttered home or office in the future.