• Customized organization plan
  • Space/Time planning
  • Personalized shopping
  • Local resource list
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Here's how it works

Home & Office

Professional Organizer in Raleigh


Every potential client will receive a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation.  This is an opportunity to share your specific needs, expectations, and vision, as well as get your questions 



Once we schedule a time to come to your home or office, Amie will spend the first few minutes getting the lay of the land.  During this time, you can show her more specifically what is working in your space, and what isn't.


​​This is where the magic happens! During this time, we’ll work together to decide what to keep and what to toss, and design a custom storage solution for what remains.  It is Sorted's goal to create

easy-to-use, functional systems that work for your life.  Together, we will create a simple maintenance plan for you and share good habits/routines that will help you stay organized.  We

can "shop" from what you have or buy new solutions that will look great while adding order and efficiency to your space.


​Whether your project is big or small, Sorted strives to leave your space as clean as possible at the end of each session.  A few minutes before our session ends, we'll clean up, load up discarded items (donations, recycling, etc), review goals and accomplishments, and determine next steps. 


Don't worry, Amie will follow up with you to make sure that things are working in your space and get you on the schedule to tackle your next project!

  • Needs assessment
  • Guided de-cluttering​
  • ​Product recommendations
  • Removal/donation services
  • Strategies for maintaining order
  • Play room

  • ​​Relocation

  • renovation

  • ​downsizing

  • laundry

  • ​crafts​

  • garage​

***Sorted is a fully insured and bonded company.***

  • kitchen

  • pantry

  • bathroom

  • ​digital 

  • office

  • time

  • Attic​​​